Our values will change as our team grow however our mission remains a constant

Benefits & Values

We’re open to creative ways to work with you, if you’re interested in us.

Everyone already enjoys:

  • Remote work
  • Flexible working hours and vacation
  • An annual company retreat
  • Diverse and inclusive environment

Build with Intention

We seek out all available data and carefully make decisions with intention.

Learn and Teach Others

We are everyday students and commit to teach others and share what we know.

Place People before Tech

Technnology is here to aid not replace. We put our customers' needs first.

Do the Right Thing

We make ethical decisions prioritizing honesty and transparency.

Open Positions

Senior Software Developer

We're looking for someone to help build and support new features as we scale out the product and company. You will be primarily working with React, React Native, Node.js, and GraphQL.

This role is primarily technical, but the expectation goes beyond solely writing code. We'd also like you to help take the necessary steps to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and to contribute to the dynamics of our team as a whole.

We're looking for someone who is particularly interested in creating systems within the constraints of a start-up.

Day-to-day you will be:

  • Planning and implementing new features from our product roadmap to help our clients run their businesses

  • Estimating effort and timelines and working to define/refine product roadmap

  • Building internal tooling

  • Maintaining current codebase

  • Writing effective code which is stable, secure, scalable, and efficient

  • Mentoring developers on the team to ensure long-term success

Please email us with a brief intro, your resume, and relevant links. No agencies, recruiters, or other such groups please.

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