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Online Bookings and Going Paperless with Melia

July 06, 2020 by Sally Pau

Starting a new career in the beauty industry is a very exciting and fulfilling experience. As soon as you finish your certification, you will have a few choices. You can work under an existing team of artists, rent a chair, or start your own beauty business. More beauty professionals lean towards opening their own business because there is now the flexibility to start a home-based business or offer mobile services.

Becoming a small business owner is a very fulfilling experience. However, it will take a lot of work to build your business and get the momentum going. You will need to be in charge of every aspect. This includes marketing, administration, client experience, and practicing your craft–all on top of having to service your clients. You will need to make sure your time is spent well by delegating tasks. This will prevent you from spreading too thin and burning out early on.

Picture of Melia
Owner of Woke Up Like This, Melia

Melia started as a beauty technician in 2019 after finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has always been interested in beauty, however never thought about making a career out of it. “I decided I wanted to get into something I could start as soon as possible and be hands-on,” she says. ”I’ve always loved working with people and creating relationships so this new career puts my passions together–people and making them feel beautiful!”

As the Owner of Woke Up Like This, Melia’s business has started blooming despite the setbacks from the pandemic. Her services include permanent makeup, brow lamination, and lash lift and tints. She uses Jupiter to organize and run her beauty business, leaving her more time to do what she loves.

When Melia first started her beauty business, she found forms and booking clients a very tedious process. She didn’t have any technical training in business or making a website. Since she was early in her career, she didn’t have the revenue yet to pay someone to help build and design a website. This is common for many business owners at the start of their careers. They have to keep costs low and use resources towards what’s necessary. This includes equipment, supplies, and business registration.

Quick and Easy Business Setup

Melia got her business set up within minutes and immediately started taking clients with the free website provided by Jupiter. All of her forms were imported and customized through the app. “I never had to wait longer than a day to have my form uploaded to the app, which is amazing customer service,” she says.

“I love how I can just give clients a link to my website. Clients can book themselves in and also change their appointments if they need to, which was taking up a lot of time because I was doing all of that personally.”

This was the perfect medium for Melia because she didn’t have to spend time or money creating a website. It was affordable for her new business and promoting her services was as easy as placing the website URL on her Instagram page. This makes it seamless for clients to book with her.

Organic Increase in Clientele

Picture from Melia of her work
Image credit: @wokeuplikethis_bymelia

Since using Jupiter, Melia has seen an organic increase in her clientele. “People don’t have to correspond with me, which I think makes it much easier for them to book if they want to quickly grab a spot,” she says. “Showing my available times without having to contact me is really nice.” It also allows clients to see her services and prices ahead of time. This gets rid of the back and forth communication between her and potential clients. In return, it saves her a lot of time.

With the extra time saved with an online booking system, Melia can use it towards servicing her clients and promoting her services. She can work to increase her income potential while bringing in new clients. “Jupiter has cut my time by more than half,” she says. “It’s nice that people can just go onto the website and book themselves.”

Reduced Administrative Work

Jupiter also saves Melia a lot of time and administrative work. All of her forms have been imported into the app and set to automatically send. She no longer has to correspond back and forth with clients to make sure forms get signed. Since everything is done and recorded digitally, she doesn’t have to deal with printing or scanning files. Jupiter takes the manual work out of her business.

Picture from Melia of her work
Image credit: @wokeuplikethis_bymelia

“Overall, I am super happy with the app and the prompt responses from the team really make it feel like Jupiter cares about constantly making sure we are using the app to the best of its ability,” says Melia. “It also allows me to practice my permanent makeup techniques and have more freed up time for building relationships with clients instead of the tedious paperwork and booking system I had before… Or should I say the lack of system.”

Tips for New and Upcoming Beauty Professionals

Lastly, we asked Melia what advice she would give someone looking to break into the beauty industry.

In Melia’s words:

Never doubt yourself. Even though I started about a year ago, I didn’t start advertising and getting out there until recently. Permanent makeup can be very nerve-wracking, but without practice, you cannot get better. Reach out to people who may be able to help you and practice in your spare time. Friends and family can be a great way to get you started until you are deeply comfortable. Once you start getting clients and the ball starts rolling, it can be a super rewarding path.

Another tip though is self-care. It’s super important to schedule some breaks and take a day for yourself here and there! Especially when we are talking with our clients constantly and working so many hours a day!

I’ve always loved working with people and creating relationships so this new career puts my passions together–people and making them feel beautiful!

Try Jupiter out free for 14 days. Not sure if Jupiter is right for you? Speak to a member of our team and we’ll be happy to walk you through the feature ourselves.

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Sally Pau

Sally is a Product Marketer at Jupiter. She enjoys the art of storytelling through content creation to build relationships within the online community.